L'Ametlla de Mar


L'Ametlla de Mar has a coastline 16km long with many bays of sand and pebble beaches surrounded by pine trees. It is famous for its seafood and in the harbour you can see the fishermen bring in their daily catch which is sold locally to the many restaurants. It is nice to sit at a local bar or restaurant around the harbour with a tapas of sardines or other fish and shellfish. 
Their main festival is on the 2nd of February 'Mare de Deu de la Candelera', our Lady of Candlemas who is the Patron Saint of the town. There are different activities during the Festival,  a religious candle-lit procession of our Lady, street music, “capgrossos”, concerts, dances etc. 
Saint Peter’s day, the Patron Saint of the fishermen is on the 29th June when there is a maritime procession. Corpus Christi is on the 29th May. The people of L’Ametlla stay up all night to decorate the streets with flowers and leaves to celebrate this festival. 

On the outskirts of the town you will find a few urbanisations, Tres Cales, Sant Jordi d'Alfama, Calafat, TresCales and Roques Daurades all with beaches. Many farms and villas can be seen in the surrounding countryside also 'Camping L'Ametlla'.
For more information about L'Ametlla de Mar please visit:  http://www.ametllamar.cat/turisme/en/home/

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