Tivissa is located below the La Llena massif. As well as the village of Tivissa itself, the municipality also includes the village of La Serra d'Almos, at the feet of the Montalt mountains, and the hamlets of Darmós and Llaberia. 

The municipality of Tivissa stretches from the coast and inland to the river Ebro. There are many sites to visit including the ruins of an Iberic village in the area of 'Castellet de Banyoles' dating back to between the 4th and 6th centuries BC, there is a small museum housing findings from the archeological digs. Cave paintings from prehistoric times have also been discovered in the countryside around the village.

Tivissa is quite popular with tourists and has all amenities including outdoor swimming pools,  bars, restaurants, bakery's and a hotel and campsite. Just outside the village there is the old chapel 'Ermita Sant Blai' with picnic and BBQ area, perfect for nature lovers.
For more information about Tivissa please visit:  http://www.turismeriberaebre.org/municipi/tivissa/
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